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ASPPH Convenes Population Health Forum in Milwaukee; More Than 100 Faculty Leaders Consider Initiatives to Advance the Field

More than 100 faculty leaders met in Milwaukee on June 20-21 to discuss how academic public health can advance the field of population health. The forum was part of the ASPPH’s Population Health Leadership Group’s year-long initiative, which has included a survey of ASPPH-member schools, structured interviews with external stakeholders, and a series of roundtables around the country engaging leaders in various sectors, including business, payers, providers, social service agency heads, state and local public health officials, elected officials, and others.

Milwaukee forum participants heard presentations on the Leadership Group’s findings to date. The participants reviewed some of the recommendations advanced by external stakeholders and advised on the wisdom of such recommendations as well as implementation opportunities and challenges.  The participants made numerous suggestions to prepare faculty, institutions, and graduates to be both resources for and leaders in the field of population health.

Drs. Robert Dittus (Vanderbilt) and John Finnegan (Minneapolis), co-chairs of the Population Health Leadership Group, participated in the session.  The meeting also featured a discussion with external stakeholders, which included Ms. Cheryl DeMars, CEO, The Alliance; Mr. Eric Harkness, Director, Office of Health Policy, Tennessee Department of Health; Dr. David Lakey, Chief Medical Officer, Associate Vice Chancellor for Population Health, The University of Texas System; and Dr. Sanne Magnan, Co-Chair of the National Academies of Sciences’ Roundtable on Population Health Improvement.

Significant parts of the Population Health Leadership Group’s activities have been supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. LaVonne Ortega, Program Director, Academic Partnerships to Improve Health, Division of Scientific Education and Professional Development, Centers for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services, CDC, opened and closed the meeting, tying the discussions and project to CDC’s mission.

Mr. Andrew Webber of Discern Health, a consulting firm, facilitated the meeting. Ms. Diane Stollenwerk and Ms. Jennifer Salopeck are assisting ASPPH in advancing its population health initiative and assisted in organizing the meeting.