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ASPPH Welcomes 2017 Summer Interns

ASPPH is excited to welcome Ms. Nikita Daniel, Ms. Elizabeth Gibson, Ms. Alyssa Ignacio, Ms. Kendall Logan, Ms. Daphne Ma, and Ms. Christina Samuel as 2017 ASPPH Summer Interns. This summer, ASPPH has recruited undergraduate and graduate students for a 10-week-long ASPPH Headquarters Summer Internship Program in Washington, DC. They will be working on a variety of projects, including data analytics, undergraduate education, administration, communications, student recruitment, and information technology.

[Photo: (left to right) Ms. Nikita Daniel, Ms. Daphne Ma, Ms. Kendall Logan, Ms. Christina Samuel, Ms. Elizabeth Gibson, and Ms. Alyssa Ignacio]

Ms. Nikita Daniel is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral and Community Health with a specialization in special populations and a minor in global poverty from the University of Maryland, and will graduate in May 2018. Ms. Daniel will be working on administrative, Delta Omega, and National Board of Public Health Examiners projects.

Ms. Elizabeth Gibson is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral and Community Health from the University of Maryland and will graduate in May 2018. Ms. Gibson will be working on data entry and predictive analytics.

Ms. Alyssa Ignacio received a Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a concentration of Public Health from James Madison University. She plans on attending graduate school in Fall 2018 to earn an MPH. Ms. Ignacio will be working on student recruitment projects including outreach for TIPH fairs and assisting in social media strategy.

Ms. Kendall Logan is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a minor in Public Health from Haverford College. She will graduate in May 2018. Ms. Logan will be working on marketing and communications projects.

Ms. Daphne Ma is currently pursing a Bachelor of Science in Information Science with a minor in Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Maryland, and will graduate in May 2019. Ms. Ma will be working on information technology projects including inventory, AWS (crating instances, installing servers), and building an Alexa chat bot.

Ms. Christina Samuel received a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Rutgers University. She is currently pursuing her Master of Public Health in Epidemiology at the Rutgers School of Public Health, and will graduate in May 2018. Her future career goals include obtaining a Doctor of Public Health in Global Health and working for a national or global health organization. Ms. Samuel will be working on undergraduate education initiatives, including the Undergraduate Network for Public Health and Global Health Education.