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Call for Survey Participants: Help Promote Public Health as a Rewarding Career

In order to keep the I AM PUBLIC HEALTH web application up-to-the-minute, ASPPH is seeking new profile submissions. The profiles allow current and prospective students to see the diverse world of public health careers and promote public health as an exciting and viable career option. To create a profile, graduates of CEPH-accredited schools and programs simply need to fill out the short survey.


All profiles featured on I AM PUBLIC HEALTH are created using survey responses from real professionals in the public health field. The profiles are designed to highlight the positions held by graduates and how their work impacts others. The survey asks such questions as:

After completing the survey, each individual’s responses are used to create a unique profile in the I AM PUBLIC HEALTH web application. App users are then able to browse the created job profiles randomly or by selectively combining search options from the following three criteria: area of public health, type of work, and employment setting. When the web-tool selects a position as a match, the user sees the detailed information provided through this survey. Note: Any identifying information (such as names and contact information) is not included in the profiles.

Please direct any questions to Tucker O’Donnell at