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Member Research & Reports

CUNY Discusses Differences between Publicly and Privately Funded Schools of Public Health

In the American Journal of Public Health, CUNY School of Public Health, deans (Drs. Ayman El-Mohandes and Susan Klitzman), faculty (Dr. Nicholas Freudenberg) and a student (Ms. Catherine Diamond) join together to compare the characteristics of public and private accredited public health training programs. They analyzed the opportunities and challenges that publicly funded schools face in preparing the nation’s public health workforce. The authors describe their efforts to use the public status and mission of the school to develop new approaches to educating a workforce that meets the not only the needs of the region, but helps to reduce health inequalities.

F  Ayman  klitzman  diamone
[Photos: (left to right) Dr. Nicholas Freudenberg, Dr. Ayman El-Mohandes, Dr. Susan Klitzman, and Ms. Catherine Diamone]

Following the publication, the lead author, Dr. Nicholas Freudenberg, published a video supplement to an article “Keeping the ‘Public’ in Schools of Public Health”. He discusses the differences between publicly and privately funded schools of public health, and where CUNY SPH fits in.  Dr. Freudenberg also discusses the need to ensure that public dollars are working towards supporting public goals by preparing a workforce to meet the needs of a diverse population, and by using public dollars to conduct research aimed at reducing inequalities in health.