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Member Research & Reports

CUNY Professor Co-authors Two Studies: Creation of a Comprehensive Database of Human Secreted Proteins, and Gene Signatures of Basic Cancer Pathways

Along with his colleagues, Dr. Levi Waldron developed a comprehensive database of human secreted proteins. The goal was to help researchers prioritize potential disease biomarkers discovered from high-throughput gene expression profiling, by available evidence that the protein can be secreted into the blood. It aggregates evidence from many sources, and links any potential protein biomarker back to how many and which lines of evidence exist for its ability to be secreted. It is a general resource for ranking candidate biomarkers, not limited to use in cancer.

[Photo: Dr. Levi Waldron]

With colleagues from around the world, Dr. Levi Waldron showed the biological validity of specific gene signatures generated by two commercially available platforms for RNA expression profiling in two different cohorts. This study supports the feasibility of gene expression profiling and large-scale signature validation.