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Member Research & Reports

Drexel Researchers Assess Which Natural Experiments Make an Impact

A team of Drexel epidemiologists authored a review of natural or quasi-experiments aimed at curbing the rising obesity epidemic, published online ahead of print in Obesity Reviews, which found that policies to limit or ban certain foods (trans fats, sugary drinks) were more effective at improving diet than adding healthy grocery stores or calorie counts to menus. In addition, adding transportation infrastructure did increase physical activity, but more long-term research is needed to assess the impact on weight reduction. The review was led by Ms. Stephanie Mayne, a doctoral student in epidemiology, supervised by co-author and associate professor Dr. Amy Auchincloss, and also co-authored by Dr. Yvonne Michael, associate professor and associate dean, all from the department of epidemiology and biostatistics.

Drexel news release