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Member Research & Reports

Georgia Southern Examines U.S. Undergraduate Education in Public Health

A collaborative study including Dr. Yelena Tarasenko, (Georgia Southern) assistant professor of health policy, management and epidemiology, examines U.S. Undergraduate Education in Public Health. Undergraduate public health education has received growing attention in recent years. This includes a Washington Post article referring to undergraduate public health education as a “hot field” for a global generation, the Critical Component Elements of an Undergraduate Major in Public Health developed by the Association of School and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH), and a recent report from the de Beaumont Foundation and ASPPH. To evaluate the demand for the degree and assess the current state of undergraduate public health education, the researchers examined the number and characteristics of publicly reported U.S. baccalaureate public health programs. The researchers concluded that while public health may be a “hot” field in terms of the interest that it generates, the actual number of verified undergraduate programs available is relatively modest.


[Photo: Dr. Yelena Tarasenko]