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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Harvard Launches Video Sharing Tool: EduClip

EduClip is a collaboration between Harvard School of Public Health office of education, information technology, and the division of policy translation and leadership development.

About EduClip:

“The power of great universities to convene thought leaders is unrivaled. Many of these events are video recorded. They are an untapped resource for transforming the educational experience. However, the sheer volume of this video content is overwhelming. The typical hour-long nature of these videos makes it unmanageable for many students and faculty to view. This limits the intellectual life of those events to those who attended in person, where the audience may be constrained by size of the venue, and the busy lives of our students and faculty.

We saw an opportunity to extend learning, and provide a platform for sharing, by leveraging advances in digital video technology. We wanted to break the time and space constraint of singular events and allow for digital threads of video to be woven together by our faculty and students into a tapestry of learning. We piloted this concept using the video footage from two programming streams from the Harvard School of Public Health’s Leadership Studio, “Decision-Making: Voices from the Field” and “The Forum”.

EduClip is the result. Please enjoy, come back often, and share frequently.”

Access EduClip: