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School & Program Updates

Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs Launches Health Website for Indonesian Youth

The Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs’ MyChoice project – funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – has launched a new online platform for adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Partnering with Hipwee, a popular Buzzfeed-like Indonesian media company with a built-in youth audience, last week they officially launched “Dokter GenZ,” which can be a go-to place for young Indonesians to access evidence-based information about puberty, reproductive health, pregnancy prevention and more.

The subjects addressed on the Dokter GenZ site were identified based on a literature review, a qualitative study with young and older adolescents, and participatory design workshops with 15- to 19-year-olds. Through these evidence-gathering exercises, MyChoice found that many adolescents weren’t necessarily ready to jump into reading about contraception, considering it a “forbidden” or “inappropriate” subject.. This had to be taken into consideration when developing the Dokter GenZ platform (the choice of a doctor was deliberate as adolescents see medical professionals as trusted sources of information).

The first articles and content on the site will address topics such as friendship, peer pressure and healthy relationships, and the site will later introduce more sensitive themes such as reproduction and pregnancy prevention.

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