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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

Kentucky Alumna Planting Seeds for Success as Local Food Coordinator

University of Kentucky College of Public Health alumna, Ms. Ashton Potter Wright, has hit the ground running in her first months as Lexington, Kentucky’s first local food coordinator. She has met with individuals from 75 different organizations and an advisory committee to chart a path toward creating the city’s first farm-to-table program and build upon the area’s rising interest in the promotion of growing and buying food locally.

potter wright

One of the priorities for Ms. Wright’s program is improving access for underserved populations to locally grown fruits and vegetables. She is also working with potential buyers, such as local schools and universities, to identify a profitable market for local growers. Another idea Ms. Wright is exploring to help bring local produce to citizens, is the conversion of a city bus into a mobile greengrocer that can offer fresh goods to areas without grocery store access.

“There’s a lot of great ideas,” Ms.Wright said, “But we have to figure out which ones of those can make the most meaningful impact.”

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