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PHR Article of the Week: Taken to Court: Defending Public Health Authority to Access Medical Records during an Outbreak Investigation

One of the most significant legal challenges in public health policy and practice is how to strike the balance between patient privacy and protection of the public’s health. In this installment of Law and the Public’s Health, New Hampshire public health officials discuss the delicate balancing act they confronted in seeking patient medi­cal records without specific patient consent during a hepatitis C outbreak.


Now available online prior to print publication, Law and the Public’s Health is a regular department of Public Health Reports explores emerging issues in public health law and policy.

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*Daly E, Herrick J, Maynard E, Montero J, Adamski C, Dionne-Odom J, Talbot E, Alroy-Preis S. Taken to Court: Defending Public Health Authority to Access Medical Records During an Outbreak Investigation. Public Health Rep 2015 May-June [Epub ahead of print].