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Rutgers Faculty Co-Authors Study on Key Factors in Global Occupational and Environmental Health

Rutgers School of Public Health faculty and director of the Center for Public Health Workforce, Mitchel Rosen, PhD, has co-authored a study on key factors in global occupational and environmental health.

Education and training in Occupational and Environmental Health (OEH) play an important role in building global capacity and contribute to safer working conditions. The shortage of occupational health professionals, the lack of knowledge, and a high number of occupational accidents and diseases, stress the demand for providing further education and training in OEH. This need is especially urgent in low and middle-income countries. The authors examined three international courses on OEH to provide valuable insights on how to develop successful trainings in the field and how to contribute to the creation of healthy and safe workplaces.

The researchers found that training and education in OEH should become a higher priority by including it in the standard public health and medical curricula. For this, train-the-trainer approaches are essential in many countries. Any OEH training should be accessible to participants from all regions and follow interdisciplinary, experiential, and interactive learning approaches.

“Teaching in the courses in Brescia, Italy allows me to share the interdisciplinary and experiential learning models utilized in our programs at the Center for Public Health Workforce Development,” comments Dr. Rosen.

Education and Training: Key Factors in Global Occupational and Environmental Health. Annals of Global Health,” was recently published in Annals of Global Health.