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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Rutgers Faculty Receives NJPHA Dennis J. Sullivan Award

Rutgers School of Public Heath faculty, Dr. William Halperin, has been awarded the 2018 New Jersey Public Health Association (NJPHA) Dennis J. Sullivan Award for his outstanding advocacy, leadership, service, and research to the health of New Jersey residents through his pedagogical, research, and service activities.

Over the course of four decades, Dr. Halperin has contributed greatly to the field of public health  starting with his training at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as an epidemic intelligence service officer and preventive medicine resident, where he investigated a large series of small and large epidemics under the joint supervision of mentors at the CDC in Atlanta.

During his twenty-five years of service with the CDC, Dr. Halperin was a major contributor to many industry-wide studies of occupational disease and injury. He was a leader in developing state-based methods of occupational disease and injury surveillance. He also served as an active member of the U.S. Defense Health Board, the Armed Forces Epidemiology Board, and the National Research Council’s Committee on Toxicology and Board on Environmental Science and Toxicology.

[Photo: Dr. William Halperin]

Upon retirement from the CDC, Dr. Halperin was invited to New Jersey as Chair of the department of preventive medicine of the New Jersey Medical School, and simultaneously as chair of the department of quantitative methods of the new Rutgers School of Public Health. Examples of current projects include the development of a community-based effort to reduce the adverse effects of Hepatitis C among Egyptian immigrants, an assessment of lead poisoning among Hindu children exposed to toxic levels of lead in cosmetics of their caregivers, and efforts to understand the high rates of mortality from fatal sepsis.

“I am deeply moved to be honored by NJPHA for my work. I have always felt that I personally owed New Jersey for what New Jersey has done for my family and me personally. Jersey City was our “golden door,” the unofficial nickname of Jersey City, to the United States a bit over a century ago. There I received an exceptional education which propelled me to Harvard Medical School and an effective career with the United States Public Health Service,” said Dr. Halperin upon hearing that he is receiving NJPHA’s highest honor. “In 2001 I was so pleased to return to New Jersey to contribute to the public’s health by teaching, doing relevant research, and providing public health services. This wonderful award is evidence, in part, to my debt to New Jersey.”

The Dennis J. Sullivan Award is NJPHA’s highest award. Established in 1976 and named after Mr. Dennis J. Sullivan, a health officer who dedicated his life to improving the public health of New Jersey, was presented to Dr. Robson for his dedication and outstanding public service and many contributions to the cause of public health in New Jersey.

The Rutgers School of Public Health congratulates Dr. Halperin on the 2018 Dennis J. Sullivan Award. Dr. Halperin will be receiving the award at the Annual NJPHA Conference “What Dictates Health – Is it Genetics or Zip Code? Health Equity, Research and Policy for a Healthier New Jersey,” on October 2 in Newark, NJ.