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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Shared Mission of Health Equity Joins NYU’s Global Institute of Public Health And Healthright International

This week a unique collaboration between New York University’s Global Institute of Public Health (NYU GIPH) and the global health and human rights organization HealthRight International, Inc. was announced by Dr. Robert Berne, New York University executive vice president for health, Dr. Cheryl Healton, dean of Global Public Health and director of NYU GIPH, and Dr. Peter Navario, HealthRight executive director. Together, NYU GIPH and HealthRight will collaborate on global health programming, research, curricula, work-study placements, and internships.

“Students at all levels of their education – undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral – will benefit from our new relationship with HealthRight,” said Dr. Berne. “Our shared mission to address the world’s most pressing health problems and promote health equity makes this a natural fit.”

The affiliation bridges the traditional divide between rigorous public health research and complex program implementation at ground level. It will enhance opportunities for each institution to build lasting access to wellness and health services for excluded communities. Together in the near term GIPH and HealthRight International will focus jointly on several projects.  Currently, key projects for HealthRight International include reducing high rates of maternal deaths in Nepal, examining the impact of maternal waiting homes for expectant mothers in Kenya, and reaching HIV/AIDS-vulnerable youth and families in Ukraine.

Through the partnership, students at NYU GIPH will carry out fieldwork activities and conduct research on areas that are a priority for both organizations. The settings for students and faculty will be high-needs communities in the United States and abroad. In addition, HealthRight International program staff will teach NYU GIPH courses, while students will have expanded opportunities for academic credit, work/study employment, and summer internships. Dr. Navario will serve as associate research professor and director of global health strategy at NYU GIPH.

“The affiliation with NYU GIPH offers incredible opportunities for collaboration that will ultimately lead to better health outcomes and more inclusive health systems globally.  It will enhance HealthRight’s ability to effect meaningful and enduring change in the communities we serve, and ultimately ensure that universal health access and coverage is truly universal,” said Dr. Navario.  HealthRight will retain its own independent board of directors and its 501(c)(3) status as an NY-registered not-for-profit organization.

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