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SOPHAS Advisory Council Expands to the SOPHAS-Recruitment Advisory Council (SRAC)

By recommendation of the SOPHAS Advisory Council (SAC), the group of eight who focus on SOPHAS-related issues, the SAC has expanded to a nine person council representing both SOPHAS and Student Recruitment. The newly named SOPHAS-Recruitment Advisory Council (SRAC) will better serve our admissions teams by addressing both the operations and recruitment pieces of admissions together. This move also helps streamline meetings for our members who work in both areas of admissions.

The SRAC will be the leadership team which advises the Student Recruitment Forum and the newly named SOPHAS Forum. The forums will combine for bi-monthly regional calls as well as two business meetings a year. Each forum will retain its individual email updates.

The SRAC is made up of the following individuals:

Each at-large representative and the chair-elect oversee a region of schools/programs, to lead the bi-monthly calls and to help make sure members’ voices are heard on the SRAC.  Elections for three at-large positions are held in each fall, and the Chair-Elect is selected from the at-large representatives.

If you would like to get involved in the Forums, including participating in the bi-monthly regional calls or receiving the email updates, please contact Mr. Guy Piotrowski ( or Ms. Tracie Seward (

SOPHAS is the centralized public health application service for ASPPH member institutions. SOPHAS facilitates the application process for applicants and enables schools and programs to recruit and review applicants with efficiency and ease.