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SOPHAS Site Visits at Des Moines and UNCC

On Monday, July 6, the Des Moines University MPH Program hosted a SOPHAS site visit. Ms. Allison Foster, ASPPH deputy executive director, and Ms. Tracie Seward, director of admissions, George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health,  presented about participating in SOPHAS.  Attending from Des Moines University were: Dr. Rachel Reimer, chair & program director, MPH program, Dr. Jodi Cahalan, dean, College of Health Science, Dr. Pam Duffy, faculty, College of Health Science, Dr. Carolyn Beverly, faculty, College of Health science, Dr. Teri Stumbo, associate dean, College of Health science, Dr. Simon Geletta, faculty, College of Health science, Ms. Kathy Lynn, program assistant, MPH program, Ms. Layne Huey, admission manager, MPH program.


On Thursday July 9, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Public Health Programs also hosted a SOPHAS site visit. Ms. Allison Foster, Dr. Mary Ann Smith, associate dean for student affairs, University of Texas School of Public Health, and  Mr. Vincent James, director of admissions, Harvard School of Public Health, presented about participating in SOPHAS. Attending the meeting were Ms. Camina Davis, coordinator MPH program Dr. Michele Issel, graduate program director, PhD program, Dr. Susan Sell, interim chair, Dr. Michael Thompson, graduate program director, MHA program, Dr. Jan Warren-Findlow, graduate program director, MSP and graduate certificate programs, Dr. Michael Moore, executive director, IT, College of Health and Human Services, Mr. Patrick Versace, assistant vice chancellor for enterprise applications, Mr. Ash Bowers, IT support for the Graduate School, Ms. Kathy Giddings, director of admissions, Ms. Johnna Watson, associate dean, enrollment management, Ms. Marianne Williford, admissions.

The next SOPHAS admissions cycle will open on August 18. A number of new programs are expected to join the service at that time. More informational sessions are scheduled at other schools and programs later this summer. For general information about SOPHAS, please contact Ms. Allison Foster at