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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

South Florida Adopts New Organizational Structure

On Aug. 8 the University of South Florida College of Public Health (COPH) officially adopted a new organizational structure removing the five department model and reorganizing into four strategic areas, which Dean Donna Petersen says will allow for greater faculty collaboration.

“What we have created is different ways to align ourselves in the spirit of faculty and college success,” she said.

According to Dean Petersen, in 2011 ASPPH created the Framing the Future Taskforce to rethink education in public health.

“Things were heading away from the five core disciplines model,” she said. “In fact, this college, in 2012, started reframing the core curriculum in the MPH in light of these conversations.”

Dean Petersen said this prompted her to think about how the department structure was impacting the COPH.

“At the end of the day, I still came down to the fact that we would be a stronger faculty and college if we were just one college,” she said.

Instead of departments, there are now four strategic areas at the COPH, each with their own strategic area leads and administrative approvers:

Policy, Practice and Leadership
Dr. Karen Liller, strategic area lead
Dr. Kay Perrin, administrative approver

Population Health Sciences
Dr. Russell Kirby, strategic area lead
Dr. Tricia Penniecook, administrative approver

Global and Planetary Health
Dr. Thomas Unnasch, strategic area lead
Mr. James Evans, administrative approver

Interdisciplinary Science and Practice
Dr. Anthony Masys, strategic area lead
Dr. Ellen Daley, administrative approver

Dean Petersen said she will conduct all faculty assignments and evaluations and assure equitable distribution of resources to support faculty success.

“Students apply to concentrations and we’ve identified the faculty affiliated with each one,” Dr. Petersen said. “The goal now is  to encourage and support faculty working across disciplines and focus on strategy.”

The COPH has also moved toward a centralized service model for all administrative processes. The Business Operations Support Services team (BOSS), provides support to faculty and staff. They serve the entire COPH community and assist with a range of administrative needs from ordering office supplies to arranging travel.

BOSS staff include:
Ms. Pamela Mclean (CPH 2029)
Ms. Kristina Hamp (first floor of COPH)
Ms. Donna Rodandello (second floor of COPH)
Ms. Katherine Small (IDRB 311)
Ms. Sara de la Cantera (Chiles Center)

“We always want to be looking ahead and be as agile as we can,” Dean Petersen said in regard to why the change was necessary. “This will enhance the student experience and facilitate faculty working strategically and working together.”

Story by Ms. Anna Mayor, USF College of Public Health

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