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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Texas Expands Dietetic Internship Program

The University of Texas School of Public Health is expanding its Dietetic Internship Program in response to national recommendations for enhanced nutrition education for health care practitioners. The expansion will double student enrollment in the internship, and include construction of a demonstration kitchen, simulation classroom, and a community garden at the School’s Houston campus.

Garden Schematic Plan UTSPH Dietetic Internship Program

Led by UTSPH registered dietitian Ms. Laura Moore, the Dietetic Internship Program will be one of only nine Master of Public Health programs in the nation with a central mission to educate and train future health leaders to address preventive nutritional health initiatives. By increasing the emphasis on healthy eating and physical activity in the program’s curriculum, public health professionals, nursing, dental, and medical practitioners will be better prepared to address these issues with their patients.

The garden, kitchen, and simulation classroom will be made available partly due to a $650,000 donation pledge from Ms. Moore and her husband, Mr. Don Sanders.

To apply for the Dietetic Internship, students can visit the following page and click “Applying” from the right side gray box:

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