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UAB Researcher Part of Team to Develop a Strategic Approach to Assess Training Needs Across a Diverse Region

Dr. Lisa McCormick, associate professor and director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health Office of Public Health Practice (with a joint appointment at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health) worked with a team from the Region IV Public Health Training Center to develop an approach to assess the training needs of the public health workforce.

[Photo: Dr. Lisa McCormick]

The Region IV (R-IV) Public Health Training Center (PHTC), headquartered at Emory in Atlanta, GA, has as a mission to develop and implement programming to train and educate public health professionals in U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Region IV.

To identify public health workforce development needs, the R-IV PHTC created a systematic process that included the implementation of a variety of strategies, to gain insights from each state within the diverse region. Conducting regular needs assessments is an integral step to ensure trainings are relevant and meet the needs of public health professionals. To this end, the PHTC employed a mixed methods approach to gather information on both competency-based and non–competency-based training needs, as well as training needs within R-IV’s content focus area of infectious disease. In R-IV there is great variability between the structures of the state and local health departments (e.g., some centralized, some decentralized), each of which faces different funding challenges and works with different service delivery models and regulatory authorities.

Moreover, states have diverse populations (e.g., races, urban/rural, migrant/refugees, tribal, Appalachian) and face a wide range of public health priority concerns. Health departments were found to be at different stages of readiness to undertake a training needs assessment due to a number of issues, including their stage of pursuing Public Health Accreditation Board accreditation and recent participation in other needs assessment efforts.

Other authors include: Dr. Justine Reel (University of North Carolina at Wilmington), and Drs. Melissa Alperin, Laura Lloyd and Kathleen Miner, at Emory University.

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