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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Video Series Featuring Michigan Experts puts Ebola Outbreak in Perspective

Now that Ebola has made its way to the United States and health officials are beginning to predict its global spread, University of Michigan SPH experts discuss the disease in a series of six two-minute videos that address how it is transmitted, the likelihood of spread in this country, its severity, and questions about vaccines, quarantine and isolation.

In one video, Dr. Eden Wells, a clinical associate professor of epidemiology and director of the Preventive Residency Program, responds to the question, “How deadly is Ebola?” “Ebola is a term that many people are frightened of when they hear it, but it’s actually been a disease we’ve known about for a number of decades,” she indicated. While the number of people who die from Ebola has been high in some parts of the world, there are good techniques to contain the disease and to treat those who contract it, Dr. Wells said.

The five other videos address the following questions:

To view the video series, click here.